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13 October 2010 @ 09:14 pm
Somewhere Over The Moon (8/?) -- Wicked/RENT  
Fandom: Wicked / RENT
Rating: PG-13 (whole series)
Warnings: See chapter one
Pairings: Elphaba/Glinda, Boq/Nessarose, Crope/Tibbett, Fiyero/female!Shell
Disclaimer: I do not own Wicked or RENT.

[ chapter 1 ] [chapter 7 ]


The Life Café was a small restaurant located on the other end of Avenue A, a few blocks from the lot. It was a classic meeting place where friends could hang out, eat, and talk. It was no surprise that it had been chosen as the location for a party following Galinda’s protest.

But once they were inside, the waiter did not seem very happy at all to see them. “Oh no,” he said. “No, please no. Not tonight. Please go. We can’t have a scene tonight – there are important customers here.”

“We have as much of a right to be here as anyone else,” Crope protested.

“Not when you sit all night and never buy,” said the waiter.

“That’s a lie,” said Boq. “I had a tea the other day.”

The waiter frowned at him. “You couldn’t pay.”

“Oh yeah,” said Boq, remembering how embarrassing that had been.

“Well tonight, we can,” said Tibbett, holding up several Oz-dollar bills to show the waiter.

“Fine,” the waiter said reluctantly. “Just don’t make a scene tonight.”

They ignored him. Instead, they went straight to the middle of the room, where several other friends of theirs were already seated. “Hey, let’s push the tables together!” someone suggested, and within a minute, one long table sat where many little ones had been before. The waiter didn’t seem thrilled about it, but he said nothing.

Boq wheeled Nessarose over to the table and moved a chair out of the way for her. Then he took a seat beside her. Once he had sat down, he noticed that Crope and Galinda were the only ones still standing. They were hovering near the end of the table. Then Boq saw who was sitting at a nearby table – none other than Avaric Tenmeadows and his rich father-in-law.

“Avaric Tenmeadows, here?” Crope said.

Galinda stepped toward them. “Well, if it isn’t the enemy of Avenue A… and Mr. Grey.” She mussed up some of Mr. Grey’s hair. He obviously didn’t look too happy about it.

“Wine and beer!” someone at the table shouted to the waiter.

“What brings the mogul in his own mind to the Life Café?” asked Crope as he and Galinda finally settled themselves into seats.

Avaric stood up and approached the long table. Everyone stared at him. “I would like to propose a toast,” he said. “To Galinda’s noble try. It went well.”

“Go to hell,” said Galinda.

“Hey Avaric, why did Pfannee miss the show?” asked Fiyero.

Avaric coughed loudly and attempted to appear business-like. “There was a death in the family, if you must know.”

“Who died?” asked Tibbett.

Avaric looked rather uncomfortable, but still said, “Our dog, Evita.”

Boq looked at Fiyero, then at Crope, and lastly at Tibbett. That was a twist he had not been expecting. They began chuckling, remembering Tibbett’s story of getting rid of the poor creature.

Avaric turned his attention, surprisingly enough, to Shell. Boq didn’t know that Avaric even knew Shell. “I’m surprised, Shell – a bright and charming girl like you, hanging out with these slackers?”

“They’re better than you ever were, Avaric,” she said, her eyes suddenly blazing like fire as she glared at him.

“Well, you all can make fun, but I’m the one attempting to do some good around here,” said Avaric. He started walking around the table. “Or do you really want a neighborhood where people piss on your stoop every night?” He arrived at the other end, near where Boq and Nessa were sitting. “This Bohemian lifestyle you all talk about – it’s just a fallacy in your head. I mean, where did that word even come from? This is Oz. This is the Emerald City. This is reality. Whatever Bohemia might have been, it’s dead now.”

He began to walk back to his table. Boq saw an opportunity, and pushing all fear and doubt aside, he stood up and moved to the end of the table, where Avaric had just been. He rested his hands on the table and announced, “Dearly beloved, we gather here tonight to say our good-byes.”

Taking the hint, Fiyero, Crope, and a few other men stood up, joined hands, and began to chant as though they were actually at a real funeral service. Boq climbed onto the table and lay down on his back, his arms folded across his chest. “Here she lies,” he said. “No one knew her worth. But here, on this night when we celebrate the great Lurline…” He sat up and held up and empty glass. “…we raise our glasses to toast the life of Bohemia.”

“To Bohemia!” the others shouted, raising their glasses in unison.

Boq looked over at Avaric and Mr. Grey and saw that they were staring right at him, as though daring him to do something. Perfect, he thought, feeling much more mischievous than normal. This is going to be fun. He stood up with the table and continued with his mock toast. “To days of inspiration, to playing hooky, to making something out of nothing. To the need to express yourself – to communicate. To going against the grain, going insane, and going mad!”

Fiyero stood up again and climbed up on the table beside Boq. “To loving tension, no pension, to more than one dimension! To starving for attention but hating convention and hating pretension! Not to mention, of course, hating dear old mom and dad.” He motioned to Mr. Grey, who looked offended, to Boq and Fiyero’s satisfaction.

“To riding your bike mid-day past the green-colored suits!” said Boq.

“To fruits!”

“To no absolutes! To choice! To the Ozian Voice!”

“To any passing fad!” said Fiyero. He ran his hands over the diamonds on his face and chest, then pointed to Shell, who stood up and showed off her own diamonds.

“To being an ‘us’, for once, instead of a ‘them’!” Boq pointed at Avaric and Mr. Grey.

“To Bohemia!” Fiyero said, and he was echoed by the rest of the group sitting around the table.

“Excuse me!” the waiter interrupted. “I need to take your orders!” Boq and Fiyero retreated to their seats for the moment, but Boq knew, as he exchanged glances with his friend, that this was far from over.

Elphaba found the Life Café without any trouble. She knew it was the right place immediately, not because of the name on the sign, but because of the amount of noise coming from inside. She had stayed behind at the lot to begin to clean-up after the performance. Oddly enough, a part of her wished Boq, of all people, had stayed behind to help. But apparently, he had forgotten all about what stage managing entailed when it came to post-performance time. Still, as much as it had surprised her, she was happy to see him taking care of Nessa. When she and Galinda had dropped by the community center, she had already gone. Elphaba was glad to see that she had made friends, however strange they might be.

She was not quite finished with the clean-up work, but she wasn’t sure how Galinda would want it packed up. That was why she was at the Life Café already. Elphaba had promised Galinda that she would come anyway, once she was done, but she wasn’t entirely sure yet that she would enjoy it, and putting it off was easy with so much work left to be done.

After taking a deep breath and reassuring herself that she could handle this, she entered the café. She ignored the waiter at the door and headed straight for Galinda, who sat on the far end of a long row of tables. Elphaba noticed that Avaric was there, but she paid him no heed. She was here on a mission.

“Oh, Elphie, you’re here already?” Galinda asked excitedly once she saw Elphaba approaching. “We’re already having so much fun!”

“That’s wonderful, honey,” said Elphaba. “But I’m not finished packing yet. I came to ask how you wanted the equipment arranged when I pack it up.”

“It needs to be in a pyramid,” said Galinda. She made a triangle shape with her hands, as though Elphaba didn’t know what a pyramid was. “And Elphie, don’t forget – the mixer doesn’t have a case.”

Elphaba frowned. She had already put the mixer away. If that case didn’t belong to the mixer, what did it belong to? “Oh, don’t give me that face,” said Galinda. Elphaba turned to go, but only got one step before she felt a pair of hands slap her ass. She turned to look at her girlfriend, unsure as to how she should respond to that at the moment. Galinda was usually not so bold in public – at least, not that kind of bold.

Nearby, a man cleared his throat loudly. Elphaba turned to look at Avaric and the man who sat beside him, whom she presumed to be Mr. Grey, Avaric’s father-in-law. It must have been Mr. Grey who had cleared his throat, if the obvious look of disapproval on his face was any indication. Clearly, he did not like the idea of Galinda and Elphaba together. Elphaba was used to such opinions; they didn’t bother her any more than negative opinions about her skin color. Galinda, on the other hand, was not used to people judging her based on her sexuality, so she struggled sometimes in dealing with this kind of prejudiced behavior, even if she wouldn’t admit it.

But as Elphaba prepared to defend herself and Galinda in front of this man, Galinda took her by surprise once again and pulled Elphaba to her side. “Hey mister,” she said. “She’s my sister.” It was not true, of course, and normally, Elphaba would not have approved of Galinda introducing her as her sister. But since Galinda had made it so obviously into a mockery of Mr. Grey’s opinions, Elphaba had no problem with it. In fact, it was rather funny.

She pulled away, knowing she had to get back to packing, but Galinda grabbed her arm and pulled her back. “Stay for a minute,” she said. “Sit down, have a drink, take a break! You’ve been working so hard all day. Can’t the packing wait a few minutes?” She was looking at her with those eyes that Elphaba found so hard to resist.

“Fine,” said Elphaba. “A few minutes. But then I’ve got to get everything packed up so we can relax tomorrow.”

Galinda smiled at her, and Elphaba’s choice to stay for a few minutes was as good as set in stone. Whenever Galinda smiled like that, something melted inside Elphaba. But somewhere in her head, a little voice laughed at her, telling her that she was caught up in the Tango: Galinda once again.

Boq watched as the waiter returned to the other end of the table, where Elphaba had just sat down. He couldn’t hear what they were saying from this far away, but Elphaba shook her head when the waiter spoke to her, so Boq guessed that she wasn’t going to order anything.

“Okay,” said the waiter, speaking loudly enough for the entire table to hear. “So that’s five miso soups, four seaweed salads, three soy burger dinners, two tofu dog platters, one pasta with meatless balls…”

“Ew!” said a man about halfway down the table.

“It tastes the same,” said Crope.

“If you close your eyes,” Shell added, causing the others to laugh.

“…and thirteen orders of fries,” the waiter finished. “Is that it here?”

“Wine and beer!” the group shouted in unison. Boq saw the waiter roll his eyes before leaving the table and disappearing.

After he had gone, Shell stood up. “How about another toast?” she asked, and the others cheered. “To hand-crafted beers,” she said then, raising a glass, “made in local breweries!”

“To yogurt and rice and beans and cheese!” added Tibbett. The two exchanged glances, then simultaneously climbed up onto the table, drawing a cheer out of their friends, a worried look from Avaric, and a rather exasperated look from Elphaba.

“To leather!” said Shell.

“To dildos!” said Tibbett.

“To curry vindaloo!”

“To emotion!” Galinda chimed in now, standing. Boq was not surprised at all that Galinda wanted to get in on this.

“To devotion!” shouted Crope. He stood up too, exchanging glances with Tibbett.

“To causing a commotion!” said Galinda. She looked down at Elphaba, who rolled her eyes, but managed a smile nonetheless.

“To creation!” said Nessa from beside Boq. She could not stand to join the others, but she raised her glass anyway.

“To vacation!” Fiyero called out. Shell smiled at him as he stood.

“To lots of masturbation!” Boq added. His addition to the series of toasts earned him a wide variety of reactions, from laughter to blushes to glares (on Mr. Grey’s part). He even thought he heard someone whisper that this pronouncement explained so much, but he didn’t care.

“To compassion!”

“To fashion!”

“To passion when it’s new!” said Tibbett, giving a rather sappy look to Crope.

“To the stage!” called Galinda, dramatically laying herself across the table.

“To anything taboo!” said Crope, and he was joined by a rousing cheer.

“To Bohemia!” Boq called.

“To Bohemia!” the group echoed, then each one took a drink. At that moment, the waiter reappeared with their fries and began passing the orders out. Chatting wildly, they temporarily sat to enjoy their food.

Elphaba took the delivery of the first round of food as her cue to leave. She was amused by all the toasting, even if it wasn’t exactly the sort of thing she herself would do, but there was work still to be done, and it wasn’t in her nature to be able to have fun when work still needed to be done. The sooner she finished this business of picking up the equipment, the sooner she would get back to learning to appreciate the world her girlfriend like to live in. Her sisters seemed to enjoy it too, she reminded herself. She would, too, she supposed – once her work was done, that is.

“Galinda, darling, I’ve got to go finish packing,” she said to her girlfriend, who was beaming after all this excitement.

Galinda’s smile faded and she went immediately into pouting mode. “Do you have to go now?” she asked.

“I won’t have fun here ‘til everything’s done, honey,” said Elphaba.

“Oh, well, if you have to…” said Galinda, obviously disappointed. “Just make sure you wipe the speakers off before you pack them.”

“Yes, Galinda,” Elphaba said. She stood and turned to go.

“Hurry back,” Galinda said. She stood up, grabbed Elphaba’s arm, and pulled her back, straight into a kiss. As usually happened, Elphaba’s mood mellowed out the moment Galinda’s lips touched hers. She brought one hand up to hold Galinda’s face.


Mr. Grey’s surprised voice interrupted their brief moment of passion. They both turned to look at him, still holding onto each other. Elphaba nearly wanted to laugh. He had honestly believed her when Galinda said they were sisters?

“We’re close,” Galinda said. Elphaba let her mischievous side take over temporarily, and to make Mr. Grey even more uncomfortable, she moved her hand from Galinda’s face to her breast. She squeezed it once, enjoying the disgusted look on Mr. Grey’s face, then pulled away from her girlfriend and headed for the door. She secretly hoped Avaric and Mr. Grey would still be there when she returned; she was looking forward to tormenting them some more, especially if that involved kissing or fondling a certain petite blonde woman.

Everyone at the table stopped to watch as Galinda kissed Elphaba in front of Mr. Grey. Shell was particularly amused by the idea Galinda had previously given Mr. Grey about them being sisters. Shell was comfortable around many things that were normally considered taboo, but the notion of having romantic interactions with her sisters was a little too strange. She did like the look on Mr. Grey’s face as he watched Elphaba grope Galinda, though – it was priceless.

Meanwhile, Crope and Tibbett had climbed up onto the table again and were now making out on top of it – and on top of each other. “Brothers!” they said together, looking up for a moment, and Mr. Grey looked as though he might faint at any moment.

Tibbett and Crope had the right idea, Shell decided. Tormenting these prudes was far too fun and tempting for Shell to resist. She stood up again, this time without a glass. “A toast to faggots, lezzies, dykes, and bisexuals!” she said, nodding to Galinda.

“To being human!” Boq added, joining her.

“And to Animals!” Fiyero was quick to add.

“To apathy, empathy, entropy, and ecstasy!” said Crope.

“To no shame!”

“To never playing the fame game!”

“To pinlobble leaves!” Crope called out, and the others laughed.

“To sodomy!” said Nessa. “It’s between the Unnamed God and me.” Shell stared at her sister in surprise. Nessa had always been more religious than either Shell or Elphaba, but it seemed she wasn’t a devout Unionist anymore.

“To S & M!” someone called out.

“To freedom for all!” shouted Galinda.

“To Bohemia!” called Boq.

“To Bohemia!” came the cry from the group.

That seemed to be enough for Mr. Grey. “Waiter! Waiter!” Avaric called as his father-in-law gathered up his coat and left in a hurry.

Crope moved to stand on the table. “In honor of the death of Bohemia, an impromptu salon will commence immediately following dinner! Shell Thropp, clad only in bubble wrap, will perform her famous lawn chair-handcuff dance to the sound of iced tea being stirred!” Shell stood up and began to dance a little as he spoke. She glanced toward Nessa and was surprised to see that there was no surprise at all on Nessa’s face. She made a mental note to ask Nessa about this later.

“And Boq will preview his new documentary on his inability to hold an erection of the Unionist holy days!” said Fiyero, standing up to join Crope. Boq, meanwhile, only blushed.

Suddenly, Shell felt a tug at her arm from behind. She turned around quickly and saw Avaric there. “What do you want?” she asked him, suddenly angry.

“Your new boyfriend doesn’t know about us,” he said.

“There’s nothing to know,” Shell said. “I made the mistake of sleeping with you once, and only because you got me drunk and I felt fat that day. That’s all.”

“Don’t you think that we should discuss it?”

“It was three months ago,” Shell reminded him.

“You know, he doesn’t act like he’s with you,” said Avaric.

Shell knew that was true, but pretended it didn’t bother her. After all, it was a miracle she’d even got him out tonight at all. “We’re taking it slow,” she said.

“So where is he?” Avaric asked.

That’s a stupid question, Shell thought. “He’s right…” She stopped, realizing suddenly that Fiyero was not next to her anymore. “Where’d he go?” She looked around, but Fiyero had vanished.

“Exactly,” said Avaric, and without another word, he disappeared. She heard him call for the check, so she turned to watch him leave. She didn’t want a surprise entrance from him again. On his way out, he was passed by Elphaba, who had gone to finish cleaning up after the protest. She looked tired, but she also looked eager to say something.

Meanwhile, Boq’s face was no longer red, and he was now standing on the table and pointing in Galinda’s direction. “Galinda Arduenna, just back from her spectacular one-night engagement at the Avenue A lot, will perform Arjiki tribal chants backward through her vocoder, while accompanying herself on the electric cello, which she has never studied.” He moved down the table and took Galinda by the hand. She stood up, joined him on the table, and playfully pressed her lips to his in a brief kiss.

Shell immediately turned to look at her oldest sister, who entrance had gone unnoticed by everyone else. Elphaba stared in stunned disbelief for a moment. Then, with a look that said she was close to vomiting, she turned and ran back out the café door. Shell was tempted to go after her, but her attention was drawn back to the group with Boq’s next words.

“And Fiyero will attempt to write a bittersweet evocative song…” said Boq. Shell now saw that Fiyero had gone over to the corner of the café, where the equipment for a band was set up, and was now holding the electric guitar in his hands. He began to play a series of notes in a tune that was familiar to Shell. “…that doesn’t remind us of Lurline’s Waltz,” Boq said, cutting Fiyero’s playing short. Fiyero made a rude gesture toward Boq, then bent to turn off the amplifier and kept playing.

“The angel of Avenue A, Tibbett, will model the latest fashions from Gillikin while accompanying herself on the ten-gallon plastic tub,” said Crope as Tibbett began to walk across the table like it was a runway.

“And Crope will recount his exploits as an anarchist,” said Tibbett. “Including his successful reprogramming of the Shizian Virtual Reality Equipment to self-destruct as it broadcast the words: Actual reality! Act up! Fight AIDS!”

The group began to cheer, and the waiter began to slowly bring dinner orders out, but Shell had another objective in mind. Standing up, she got out of her seat and walked to the corner, where Fiyero was still strumming the electric guitar.

“Excuse me,” she said, and he turned to face her. “Did I do something wrong? I get invited, then ignored all night long!”

“I’ve been trying,” said Fiyero. “I’m not lying. No one’s perfect – I’ve got baggage.”

“Life’s too short, babe,” said Shell. “Time is flying. Everyone’s got baggage. I’m looking for a set that goes with mine.”

Fiyero looked away. “I should tell you…”

“I’ve got baggage, too.”

“Wine and beer!” shouted their friends from behind them. Shell and Fiyero ignored them.

Fiyero slowly put down the guitar and straightened to look Shell in the eye. “I should tell you… I’m disaster. I forget how to begin it.”

“So let’s just make this part go faster,” said Shell.

“Okay,” Fiyero said, nodding.

“I should tell you I blew the candle out just to stay with you,” said Shell.

“I’d forgotten how to smile until your fingers touched my skin,” said Fiyero.

“Like this?” Shell asked playfully, lifting a hand to touch his cheek.

“Exactly like that,” Fiyero replied, smiling brightly.

“So… are we doing this?” Shell asked.

“I guess we are,” said Fiyero. He took her other hand and held it in his. “Who knows where this will lead?”

“You’re okay with that?” she asked.

Fiyero hesitated for a moment, then nodded. “Who knows? This might be the best thing that ever happened to me.”

“Well then, here we go,” said Shell.

“Here goes,” Fiyero agreed. They stayed that way for a moment, then she was suddenly pressed up against Fiyero and his lips were on hers. It could have been an eternity that they spent that way, or it could have been only a moment, but Shell couldn’t have been happier.

Elphaba did not want to go back into the Life Café. Or, to be more accurate, she did not want to see Galinda. She still couldn’t believe Galinda would kiss Boq when she thought Elphaba wasn’t around. Kissing anyone other than Elphaba was bad enough, but Boq? That had sent Elphaba over the edge. She knew now that she had to end this. It would be the hardest thing she had ever had to do, but she had to remember that this would hurt less than enduring more of Galinda’s free-spirited ways.

With her jaw set, Elphaba marched into the Life Café. She caught a glimpse of her youngest sister passionately kissing the Winkie boy in the corner of the café, but she was too focused on her current mission to spare more than a passing thought or glance in that direction. Instead, she walked straight to the end of the table where Galinda sat. She was glad that Avaric and Mr. Grey had gone now; breaking up with Galinda would ruin the impression they had made on them.

This time, Galinda saw her enter. Smiling, she leapt out of her seat and came to greet Elphaba. “Are we packed?” she asked eagerly.

“Yes,” said Elphaba. “And by next week, I want you to be.” It was surprisingly easy to get the words out, even with Galinda smiling so brightly at her.

But Galinda’s expression changed as she started to process the words Elphaba had said. Her eyes widened in shock. “Pookie?” she asked, confused and desperate.

Elphaba ignored her and turned to the table. “You should see it out there,” she told them. She had meant to share this news before, but Galinda’s betrayal had distracted her, to say the least. “They’ve padlocked your building,” she said, pointing to Boq, “and they’re rioting on Avenue B.” Across the table, eyes widened in surprise. “It seems Avaric called the Gale Force.”

“That fuck!” said Galinda from behind her. Elphaba looked over her shoulder at the blonde woman. She had heard that sort of language out of Galinda before, but it still seemed strange to hear it coming from someone who looked as innocent as Galinda did.

Then Elphaba turned back to the rest of the group. “They don’t know what they’re doing,” she told them. “The Gale Force is sweeping the lot, but nobody’s leaving – they’re just sitting there, mooing!”

Cheers went up around the table. Elphaba felt Galinda grab her arm, but she pulled it away and moved to stand closer to Nessarose on the other end of the table. She refused to let Galinda ruin her evening any more than she already had – if it was possible for Galinda to ruin it more than she already had. Yes, it was the results of Galinda’s protest that they were now celebrating, but she chose not to focus on who had done it, but rather what had been done. It was only a small victory in the fight for equality and freedom for all, but it was a victory nonetheless, and Elphaba planned to savor that victory.

Everyone around the table was on their feet now – except for Nessarose, of course, but she looked like she was in a celebratory mood anyway. Elphaba took Nessa’s hand and squeezed it, smiling down at her sister, who smiled back up at her.

Nearby, Shell and Fiyero rejoined the celebration. “To dance!” Shell called out. “No way to make a living, masochism, pain, perfection, muscle spasms, chiropractors, short careers, eating disorders!”

“To film!” Boq joined in. “Adventure, tedium, no family, boring locations, dark rooms, perfect faces, money, and sleaze!”

“To music!” shouted Tibbett. She climbed onto the table and began to dance as she spoke in rhythm. “The food of love, emotion, mathematics, isolation, rhythm, power, feeling, harmony, and heavy competition!”

“To anarchy!” Crope shouted, putting one arm around Galinda and one arm in the air. He pounded that fist into the air as he shouted. “Revolution, justice, screaming for solutions, forcing changes, risk and danger, making noise, and making pleas!”

“To me!” Galinda shouted, and she was echoed by both Boq and Fiyero.

“To all of us!” shouted Crope, pointing around the café at everyone – including people who were not part of their group. By now, of course, people were staring. Many had been staring for a while.

“To people living with – not dying from – disease!” Tibbett called out.

“Let he among us without sin be the first to condemn!” shouted Nessa. This earned a cheer from across the table.

“To anyone out of the mainstream!” called Boq.

“Is anyone in the mainstream?” asked Elphaba. After all, she was a lawyer, and lawyers were normally considered mainstream, yet here she was.

“To anyone alive with a sex drive!” Crope shouted.

“Don’t we all?” came Shell’s voice.

“After all, the opposite of war isn’t peace,” Boq said. “It’s creation!”

“Long live Bohemia!” called Fiyero, raising a glass once again in a toast.

“Long live Bohemia!” they all echoed, raising their glasses with Fiyero and filling the Life Café with joy and celebration and the sounds of friendship.

Outside, the riot continues. The Gale Force moves through the crowd, but no one moves – they moo instead. Meanwhile, the snow dances, and the cold night descends even more heavily upon the City of Emeralds.

Inside, the celebration continues. For Elphaba and Galinda, the celebration is bittersweet. But for the rest, it is a night of joy. Crope and Tibbett can’t keep their hands off each other, and Fiyero and Shell seem to be living in their own world, oblivious to everything except each other. Nessarose has taken to holding my hand again, and I have no complaints about that.

I can’t say how next year will go, or even what will happen in the next few days. But for now, I feel more content and connected than I have in a long time. Whatever happens, I hope this night stays with me. It’s been weird, but wonderful at the same time. And it always feels good to be wonderful.

Long live Bohemia!

[ chapter 9 ]

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