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27 October 2010 @ 08:37 pm
Over The Moon (2/4) -- Wicked RPF  
Fandom: Wicked RPF
Rating: PG
Warnings: One-sided femmeslash
Pairings: Past (and currently one-sided) Megan/Eden, past Megan/Steve, implied Eden/Joe
Disclaimer: Many of the characters in this story are real people. Thus, I do not own them. I only own Elisa.
Summary: Shoshana visits the set of Wicked: The Movie and discovers what it means to "jump over the moon".

A/N: (See chapter one for information on the backstory to this piece.) At this point, it looks like this will turn into a four-chapter fic. The chapters are very short, I know. Also, in this chapter, we still haven't gotten to the full explanation of what "over the moon" exactly refers to. As Megan would say, "You'll see."

I apologize that it's taking me so long to write this. My excuses are that I'm enrolled in two separate writing courses at college, and that my big project right now is my Wicked/RENT crossover fic. This is a sort of side-project. I'll update whenever I can, but I can't say how soon that will be. Thank you for understanding.

One last note: I don't speak Spanish, so the little bit of Spanish that Eden uses may not be correct. If I'm wrong, feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

[ chapter one ]

As she reached the set, Megan decided it was very nice to have Shoshana here. She loved everyone on set, but there was something special about having visitors, especially visitors as fun as Sho. She had only been on set for a few hours, but she had already made Megan laugh so hard she nearly cried – and not just once, but several times. They had always said that they were hilarious together, and Megan liked to think that was true. It was so much fun having Sho here today. She wished Sho would come more often.

“Hey, friend,” she whispered, coming up behind Shoshana and tapping her on the shoulder. Nearby, they were shooting, so she had to remember to keep quiet. “How’s it going?”

“Do you want to know how it’s going with me or how the shoot’s going?”

“Both,” Megan answered, shrugging. She motioned for Shoshana to follow her. They moved away from the set, so they could talk without disturbing the shoot.

“Well, I’m doing great,” Sho said as they walked. “And the shoot seems to be going well. Lots of retakes, but I’ve heard that’s normal.”

“Pretty much.”

Suddenly, Sho was looking at her with a confused, or possibly concerned, expression on her face. “What are you doing here, anyway? Don’t you have the afternoon off?”

“Yeah, I’m done for the day.”

“But… you do realize what they’re shooting right now, don’t you?”

“Of course.” It wasn’t hard to figure out. Megan had been around long enough to recognize what scene was indicated by the characters involved, the positions they were in, and the playback music in the background.

Sho stared at her for a minute. “You do know that this is the As Long As You’re Mine scene, right?”

Megan nodded again, now slightly annoyed. Why was Sho making such a big deal out of this? “Yes, I’m well aware of what scene this is. I have performed in Wicked a few times before.”

“And this doesn’t bother you at all?”

“No. Why should it…?” Oh. Now she knew where this was going.

“Sho, in case you’ve forgotten, we’re actors,” Megan said. “I don’t care that Eden’s out there kissing Sebastian; it’s her job. Her character’s in love with his character, and they’re singing a love song to each other. It’s part of the movie.”

“I know, but…”

“Besides, I don’t see you asking Steph if she’s okay with her husband kissing somebody else. They’re acting; that’s what actors do. I really shouldn’t have to tell you that – you should know it as well as anybody else.”

“I know,” said Shoshana. “I’m sorry I asked. I was just worried about you – that’s all.”

“You shouldn’t be.”

“But I am.”


“Meg, you’ve been pining after Eden for two years – longer, if you count the years when you were trying to get over her the first time. You’re one of my best friends – of course I’m gonna be worried about you.”

“I’m getting over her, Sho,” Megan insisted. She had been happy for Sho’s support early in the process, but by now, all the worrying was getting old. “And trust me, As Long As You’re Mine doesn’t bother me at all. I had to stand right next to her when she promised to love another guy for eternity – this is nothing.” The very fact that she could say anything about the wedding was another sign, too, in Megan’s opinion – it had taken her a long time to be able to talk about Eden’s wedding without wanting to vomit.

Shoshana sighed. “I know. I’m sorry – I shouldn’t have said anything. She’s just doing her job.”

Megan nodded. “That’s right,” she said. Yet somehow, even though she had won the argument, she didn’t feel happy or satisfied with it. Unfortunately, any conversation about Eden seemed to have that effect on her.

“So, anyway, you never answered my question,” said Sho, apparently trying to sound cheerful again. “What are you doing here on your afternoon off? Shouldn’t you be hanging out with Elisa? Getting some mother-daughter time?”

Megan was once again reminded of how much she liked having Sho around; those questions were just the right ones to shake her out of her sullen mood. “Actually, Elisa’s the reason I came,” she said. “It’s almost 12:30.”

Sho glanced at her watch. “Isn’t 12:30 lunchtime?”

“We just finished lunch,” Megan answered.

“How’d that go?”

“Pretty well, actually. Elisa wasn’t so fond of the idea of eating her peas, but once I promised her some mac ‘n cheese, she was more receptive.”

“Well, that’s good,” said Sho. Then she went back to looking confused again. “So, if you just fed her, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t it be naptime soon? Or is that later?”

Megan grinned. “You’ll see.”

“You’ll see?” Sho repeated. “Again with the ‘you’ll see’? What do you mean, I’ll see?”

“You’ll see.”

“Oh, you are evil, Megan Hilty. They must have hired the wrong Good Witch, because you are definitely wicked.”

Megan’s grin widened. “You love me.”

“Not for much longer, if you keep this ‘you’ll see’ business up,” said Shoshana.

“Come on,” Megan said, leading Sho back toward the set. “It’s just about time.”

“I hope this isn’t something I’m going to regret later.”

“Definitely not,” Megan assured her. “But you’ll want to have your camera out – trust me.”

Shoshana shrugged, but pulled out her camera anyway. Megan led her back to where she had been standing, then continued to make her way forward, pushing past the people in front of her. “Where are we going?” Sho whispered. “And if you say ‘you’ll see’, I swear I’ll murder you in your sleep.”

Megan couldn’t help but grin as she looked back over her shoulder. “You’ll see.”

“You really are evil, Megan Hilty.”

“I try,” she whispered.

Megan turned back toward the spot where they were filming. As usual, her gaze fell instantly on the green woman. She liked to think that it was just the green that caught her attention, but she knew better than that; the woman underneath the make-up was quite capable to catching her attention without any make-up on at all. She tried to push that particular line of thought out of her mind, though – it didn’t fit with the whole “getting over Eden” spiel she had just given to Shoshana.

She tried to focus on just watching the proceedings. She had never gotten to see much of the As Long As You’re Mine scene anyway; it had always been in between scenes for her, and there had always been a costume change to worry about. It was nice to watch the scene for once, despite the fact that the nature of film-making prevented the whole sung from being performed all at once. The camera was on Eden today, so Megan knew they must have been filming her side of the scene. She supposed they were doing Sebastian’s side tomorrow. She watched and listened as the green woman sang through the first verse of the song, mesmerized by the sound of Eden’s voice. This song didn’t require any belting from Eden, and though Megan was always blown away by Eden’s riffs, it was nice to hear the soft side of her voice once in a while.

The first of Elphaba and Fiyero’s kisses during the song was followed by the word, “Cut,” from the director. Megan turned her head to look at Rob. “That was great, guys. We should run it again, just to be sure, but that might just be our take.”

Excited chatter filled the set. Everyone liked to hear that they were close to getting the right take. Megan, meanwhile, focused on catching Rob’s attention. Sometimes it took a lot of work to do that, but today, Rob saw her quickly. As soon as he did, he looked down at his watch, then back up at her, as though asking for her confirmation. She nodded. He nodded back.

“Alright everyone – it’s almost a quarter to one,” Rob said. “Let’s jump over the moon and be back and ready to go in an hour.”

Everyone began to move around, gathering things up and dispersing in all directions. Meanwhile, Megan turned her head to look at Shoshana’s reaction. As expected, Sho wore a distinctly confused expression on her face. “Did your director just say ‘let’s jump over the moon’?” she asked.

Megan nodded. “Yep, he did.”

Sho stared at Megan for a moment, still obviously confused. “Am I missing something? Is this some sort of secret movie-making thing?”

Megan laughed. “No,” she answered. “It’s a Wicked movie thing.”

“I don’t get it.”

“Oh, you’ll see,” said a voice from behind them. Megan turned and saw a very green-skinned Eden standing next to her.

“You too?” Sho asked, exasperated.

Eden looked at Megan, a curious expression on her face. “Did I miss something?”

“Just don’t say ‘you’ll see’ anymore,” Megan explained. “Sho’s about to kill me for repeating it too many times already.”

“Oh,” Eden said, nodding.

“So what is it…” Sho began. “Actually, I’m not going to ask any more questions. Just lead the way, you two.”

Eden cast a smile in Megan’s direction, and Megan could practically feel her heart melting. She tried to ignore the melting sensation as she smiled back.

On their way back to Megan’s trailer, Shoshana filmed a short interview with Eden. She hadn’t been able to catch up with the other actress yet that day, since Eden had only arrived a little while ago. Megan listened as Sho asked Eden all about how it felt to be the green girl on set, how long it took her every day to get ready (though Megan knew Sho already knew the answer), and what it was like to sing all of those big songs over and over again, but never all the way through.

Eden answered each question calmly and insightfully, the way she seemed to do everything. There was some joking during her interview, but not nearly as much joking as there was when Sho and Megan got together. Megan could testify to the fact that Eden was just as hilarious as either of them, but when she was working, it was all professionalism and maturity. Megan had always loved Eden’s ability to sense when joking around was appropriate, and when it was better to be calm and serious.

They had made it most of the way to the trailer when Megan heard screams coming from that direction. Next to her, Shoshana looked rather uncomfortable, while Eden sighed. Megan wasn’t surprised by the sounds; Elisa had been in a bad mood when she’d left to get Eden. Now it sounded like she was in the middle of an all-out temper-tantrum. A morning of film-making was too much for a two-year-old. It didn’t help that she’d gotten up quite early this morning, and that she’d been in a bad mood even then. Elisa didn’t usually throw temper-tantrums this bad; it was just one of those days.

The screams were amplified the moment Megan opened the door. Inside, her baby-sitter, Rachel, turned her head to see who had arrived. Rachel looked instantly relieved to see Megan – or maybe she was more relieved to see Eden; Megan could never tell. “Oh, thank God, you’re here,” she said over the sound of Elisa’s cries. “I’m so sorry – I couldn’t do anything to calm her down, and…”

“Don’t worry about it,” Megan interrupted, waving a hand dismissively. “We’ll take care of it.”

Rachel looked like she wanted to bolt, but she stayed still for another minute. “So I’ll see you in an hour?”

“That’ll be good. Thanks for your help, Rach.”

“No problem.” She waited until she was sure Megan and the others weren’t leaving, then she hurried out the door of the trailer and was gone.

The sound of the door opening and shutting again caught Elisa’s attention. She was still sitting in her high chair, the remains of peas and applesauce and macaroni left in a mess in front of her. Food covered her hands and face, and could even be found in her hair. Megan walked toward her daughter and called her name softly. “Elisa, sweetie – Elisa, Mommy’s here.”

Elisa stopped crying for a moment and stared up at Megan. She sniffled, trying to catch her breath after making so much noise. Then, just as Megan went to scoop her up into her arms, she began to wail again.

Megan wasn’t surprised by this, though it tore at the walls of her heart to see her daughter react to her like this. She turned around and looked to Eden. “Your turn, E,” she said.

Eden nodded, and Megan stepped back to let the green woman through. She moved toward Elisa’s chair and held out one green hand toward the little girl. “No llores, Chiquita,” she said softly. “Está bien. Estoy aquí.”

Her words were simple – Don’t cry little one, it’s ok, I’m here – but they worked wonders. Elisa’s loud cries stopped. Sniffling again, she looked up at Eden with a face that could have melted even the hardest heart. Then she seized the green hand with both of her small white ones. “Mamá,” she cooed happily. This was what she had been waiting for all day; her mamá was here at last.

Eden reached down to gently lift the little girl from her high chair, then tucked her against her shoulder. One of Elisa’s hands still clutched hers. She rocked Elisa back and forth, comforting her with a few more simple Spanish sentences. Gradually, the girl’s sniffles faded away, and she lay peacefully against Eden. Her eyes closed as she listened to Eden’s voice. Megan smiled, understanding the feeling well; Eden’s voice was very good at entrancing Hilty women. She felt a sudden urge to close her eyes as well, to listen to Eden comforting her daughter, but she forced herself to keep her eyes open. Resisting these urges was part of getting over Eden – or should she be hoping to get rid of the urges altogether?

Megan tried to turn her attention away from Eden. She looked over at Shoshana, who had her camera out and was filming again. Megan wasn’t sure whether this would make it into the video or not, especially since Sho seemed more preoccupied with watching Eden and Elisa than making sure the camera remained steady. At this rate, she wouldn’t get very much good footage of the daily naptime ritual.

Daily naptime ritual, Megan repeated to herself. She wondered whether Shoshana had any idea what she had gotten herself into. Not that it was anything bad, of course – it was just that Elisa was stubborn, and she had both Megan and Eden wrapped around her little finger. It made for an interesting – and sometimes very frustrating – combination.

Megan knew Elisa would be content to stay in Eden’s arms forever, especially if it meant she didn’t have to go down for a nap. Soon enough, they would have to get to phase two of naptime, in which Elisa would put up a fight, and in which Eden was still the only one capable of getting her to go to sleep. But for now, Megan was content to watch her daughter resting safely in the warmth, love, and safety of Eden’s arms. She tried very hard not to wish that she was in Elisa’s place.